Indestructible Love

Have you ever met someone who was really tough?
Some people seem to be able to handle more pain or discomfort than others.  I have certainly meet some tough people. I’m even related to a few extremely tough characters.  I have a brother-in-law who can bend dollar coins in his teeth, a son who, as a child, only cried when he needed to go to the hospital, and my wife gave birth three times without pain medication (gulp).

The toughest living creature on earth is a micro-animal called a Tradigrade (sometimes called a Water Bear or Moss Piglet).  These tiny creatures can only be seen in a microscope yet they are unlike any other form of life on the planet; they live everywhere on earth – from mountian tops to ocean depths, from tropical rainforests to the fridged arctic and they are nearly indestructible.  These little guys are basically the superheroes of the animal kingdom.  They are the most resilient creatures on earth.

Tradigrades can easily survive and thrive under conditions that would quickly be fatal to every other living thing.

Tardigrades can survive:

  • temperatures ranging from absolute zero (-272 °C) to an incredible 151 °C
  • pressures ranging from a complete vacumn to 6000 times earth’s atmosphere 
  • being completely dehydrated
  • 1000 times more radiation than humans can handle
  • extremely high levels of environmental toxins

As amazing and tough as these little wonders are, they can’t hold a candle to the extreme resilience of God’s incredible love for us.  No matter how hard people have tried to remove themselves from Him and ignore Him, our loving Father never gives up and never turns His back on us.  Throughout history people have done everything they can think of to try and stop you from hearing that God loves you so much that He gave His only Son, Jesus, to come to earth and die for you to pay for your forgiveness and make a way for you to saved from the consequences of sin.

People have tried to destroy the Bible since the first day it was copied by hand.  Millions of copies of the Bible have been burned, thousands of people have been murdered for even owning one, they have even tried to label the Bible as hate-literature so it would be illegal to own a copy or read it in public.  Yet, the message of God’s love for you has proven itself to be extremely tough.  How is it that the Bible survives so much destruction? It survives because God Himself makes sure it survives.  He loves us deeply and He wants to make sure we know about His love. The Bible was the first book ever printed on a printing press and it has never stopped being printed. To this day it is the number one selling book and the number one printed book every single year with over 100 million new copies annually.

God’s love has not only proven itself to be indestructible when it comes to His Word but also when it comes to His greatest gift, His Son.  Jesus was rejected by the very people He came to save.  They hated Him. They plotted against Him. They beat Him. And ultimately they even succeeded in murdering Him. Yet, God’s love is indestructible.  After being dead for 3 days Jesus came back to life and meet with hundreds of His followers to prove He was actually back from the grave.

The incredible little tardigrade is tough, no doubt about it, but when it’s dead it is dead for good.  God’s love, His Son, is so tough that even death couldn’t finish Him.  Why? Because God loves you so much that He wants nothing more than for you to realize that you need Jesus in your life.


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